Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why Fly Planes?

Tomorrow in class we will be making paper airplanes. We will cut-out four types of aircraft and assess their flying capabilities. Remember to read up on Bernoulli's principle of flight. Particularly focus on air flow across a plane's wing. Be prepared for questions on thrust, lift, drag, and gravity since these forces affect flight.

We will test our aircraft for various flight maneuvers: flying the greatest distance, aerial loops, and smooth landings.

As a class we will discuss the various designs of our paper airplanes and postulate why they have certain design elements. We will compare and contrast our paper aircraft designs to real commercial and military craft. We will consider their purpose for sustained flight, maneuverability, heavy cargo, or reconnaissance missions.

So see you tomorrow and hopefully, we will get our crafts airborne.

For those of you who want to investigate the various types of aircraft and aircraft design before class, check out paper air planes and thinkquest/airplanes.

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