Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bernoulli's Principle Explains the Concept of Lift

Hi Students,
How many of you understood the major factors affecting flight? If not, we will be discussing lift, drag, mass, and thrust some more tomorrow. We will also be looking at how Bernoulli's principle
explains flight.

Daniel Bernoulli was a Swiss mathematician born in the 1700's. His basic principle for fluid motion helps explain why planes fly. In simple terms the air flowing over the top of an aircraft's wing moves faster than the air under the wing. The faster air above the wing creates low pressure. The slower moving air under the wing is high pressure. The high pressure lifts the wing of the plane up.

We will be testing this principle tomorrow in class, this time using a ping pong ball, rubber tube and air. Read the assigned experiment tonight so you will be able to carry out the experiment with your partner.
This experiment considers the factors that affect flight: drag, weight, speed, and lift.
Check these sites for more information.

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