Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Understanding Flight

Dear Students and Parents,
We will begin our flight unit in science soon. This unit is part of the grade 6 Ontario science curriculum requirement for Understanding Structures and Mechanisms. Students, you will be expected to understand the principles of flight and the properties of air that both benefit or hinder flight. You will also explore and investigate how the science of flight has changed our society's ability to travel and how this has impacted our environment.

My expectations for this unit:
  • understand the properties of air that influence flight
  • investigate the properties of living and man-made mechanisms that aid in flight
  • identify the four forces that affect flight - weight, thrust, lift, and drag; and how they can alter flight
  • design, create and flight test a model aircraft
  • able to use appropriate scientific vocabulary to describe flight
Students can you guess what is special about the image at the top right? Do you know where this image was taken? Send me a response.

Check out these sites for footage on early flying machines.
Problems with Flight Design
The First Successful Flight

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